Be a part of something never done before

Be a part of something never done before, be a part of Santé!

We at Santé pride ourselves in being one of the first fully Organic and
Regenerative restaurants in AZ. We are Growing and would love you to be part of our growth and mission.
We are on a mission to support as many regenerative farms as possible.
We love our little farmers in AZ and our great partners in middle America, that create the best environment for the animals, and for climate change. We are looking at growing our grab and gourmet market with keeping our purpose and mission in mind.
Santé is seeking investment to support our continued growth and
invest in our market experience.
Here’s how :
We’d love and need the support of amazing humans like you to keep us growing and thriving. Thank you for joining us, and creating an impact on the planet
we hope to be here for years to come.
Let us eat to live and LIVE longer to eat!

Much Love, Nico, and Nick OX